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Publisher or Self Publish? Why I decided the direction I did….

Posted 8/1/2021

There  has been a few questions that have slipped into to my DM’s like; why did I choose a publisher over self publishing, questions about royalties, creative control, cost, etc, and it is with these questions in mind, my hope is that with this blog-post, I provide a greater understanding, perhaps expanded insight and creative ideas for those of you looking to ride into the sunset of the adventures of authoring! 

    Coming from complete ignorance and being a new author, I knew I was diving into a world of what I don’t know I didn’t know however what I did know was I could gather up a whole gamut of perspectives ranging from online research, offline opinion, feedback from friends and colleagues who have authored books, then apply my background skills and experience in marketing and arts/media representation and in the end combine all of the above with my priority intention for my book which was leaving a lifetime legacy for my kids! It’s a big vision that I knew self-publishing could not hold the weight of! 

    Living with ALS and leaving a legacy for my kids, at the gateway I knew I couldn’t do alone, I needed a team to help me, but where do I begin? I started googling, “how to write and publish your book…” Confession, I have attempted in over fifteen years a handful of times to write a book, I’ve even had a few gracious, very encouraging friends and followers push me a bit by sending me links on “how to write and publish your own book in under three months” Why did it take me so long? The answer is,  I could probably come up with a thousand laxie-daisy excuses, a hundred very valid reasons and really, the truth is, I just had to get myself out of the way of “me.” I know better, like anything, life is ALWAYS going to show up and whether it’s a dream trip, or promising to see someone you haven’t seen in years, or writing a book, lol…. There’s always going to be reasons for me to put in front, it was just a matter of me just saying, “go!”

    How did I pick my publisher?  I applied my background knowledge and experience of marketing, acting/modeling, being a talent agent, fundraising and national business owner and led with, what I often told the talent who were coming to me to be represented by me and my agency, I told them, “this interview is not only about if you are a fit for me, I need you to interview me too see if I, and my agency is a fit for you and your vision!”  My talent hires me, I do not hire my talent for representation, the hiring begins when I get them the work, same process and mindset for aligning with a publisher, I was not in any hurry to hook up with the first publisher interested, I wanted to research and interview a few that aligned with my priorities and vision for the book. Little did I expect to have almost 15 publishers I’d have to choose from! 

    The next steps were learning about pre-order promotion and sales of a book and how this could help me fund my publishing process, but how to fund? Being a ”life’er” volunteering and working in fundraising and top national fundraiser for two years, I specifically directed my researching for, “fundraising for authors/books” and Publishizer came up right away. It was an American platform but that didn’t matter to me because I knew I wanted to make my book a global read, plus I knew any other crowdfunding platform, i.e. GoFundMe could not provide the specific services I needed that Publishizer could for authors. During my researching of Publishizer I quickly became attracted to their ethics of service, their team mentor ship and guidance all the way into publisher introduction. I felt like Publishizer had my back through and through. It’s rare to have a CEO follow up,  follow through, mentor and answer my emails quickly, Lee Constantine, along with my campaign manager, Ben Nash, both mentored and encouraged me from profile set up, through the YouTube video intro , both helping me achieve a winning 307 book preorders, $7,300 in funds raised and introduction list to 15 publishers! 

    What was important for me in choosing my publisher? Transparency, integrity, creative control and a mutual understanding and expectations for commissions received through any royalties etc., I was fortunate to have a background skill in both marketing and royalties conversations so I understood their side as my representing publisher, I also understood my side all within the scope of how publicity, commission, royalties and representing/usage fees worked. This knowledge helped me a lot. Of 15 interested publisher’s I interviewed four and chose Atmosphere Press from Austin Texas. Nick Courtright, Founder and CEO was the first to reach out to me for an interview, from there I met Kyle McCord who, at our interview meeting was not only patient with my text to voice assistance, he was very patient with my lengthy and list of questions and I had a lot! Even through the process of choosing my publisher, if I had questions back to Atmosphere, similar to Publishizer, Kyle (now my acting editor) was, and is quick to respond, I’ve never felt left waiting for a response for days which happens and can be very frustrating in the process, especially under a timeline. The winning hook however, was how Atmosphere markets their integrity of their team and services, they broadcast on their front page a use of my own sacred language, the importance for “transparency!” Without integrity nothing works!

    Teamwork makes the dream work and while my book is in it’s final stretch, in proofreading stages, I feel like I have a winning and solid team with Atmosphere Press, and I’m excited for the next conversations for marketing, promotion and distribution!!  

What is the vision for my book? My vision is to first leave a beautiful legacy for my kids, a tangible piece that both of them can use for their own lives on so many levels and my other vision is to leave a sense for hope with you, my readers, a sense for hope that perhaps, through my story you will see new ways through and out of your own suffering and struggles. 

Please let me know what you think of this post, did it help? Please leave your feedback, comments or questions and I’d love to hear your ideas for blogging, if you have anything you’d like me to write about, leave your comments / ideas below in the comment section. If you can’t comment below please leave your comments or feedback on my contact form